[BOSCH - HCM] Tuyển dụng vị trí Infrastructure and Application Support (Zabbix/Linux)

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    Hello all,

    Hiện tại công ty Robert Bosch Engineering Việt Nam đang tìm kiếm các bạn/anh/chị có kinh nghiệm trong việc quản trị, hỗ trợ Splunk/Zabbix. Nếu mọi người quan tâm thì xem qua mô tả công việc bên dưới và gửi email về career.RBVH@vn.bosch.com (Phung.TranNhu@vn.bosch.com) nhé. Cảm ơn mọi người.

    Job Description:
    • SPLUNK Installation, Configuration and Migration.
    • Monitor alert setup in SPLUNK for servers and applications
    • Troubleshoot of identified issues and implementation of corrective actions
    • Monitor system performance and ensure availability of SPLUNK Servers
    • Automation of the repeated process using scripts
    • Collaborate with support teams for Database support
    • Application Server Backup and Restoration
    • ITIL based Incident Management, Change Management, and Configuration Management in Ticketing tool (SMT)
    • Provide 24/7 support including planned Maintenance Support and On Call
    Job Requirement:
    • Expertise in Linux OS
    • Knowledge of Splunk/Zabbix Infrastructure
    • Experience in customizing complex search queries and promoting advanced searching
    • Designing and developing reports and dashboards using Splunk Queries
    • Creating knowledge objects with Splunk
    • Experience in CIM, creating lookups, field Aliases, calculated fields, field extractor, tags and event types, workflow actions, alerts and scheduled reports, Macros with Splunk.
    • Knowledgeable in use of JAVA Script within SPLUNK
    • Working knowledge of scripting languages such as Python and Shell script.
    Nice to have:
    • Knowledge on JAVA and SPRING
    Benefits and Career Opportunities:
    • Competitive salary with annual performance appraisal
    • Experience in a dynamic and fast growing global company
    • Opportunity to boost up career including oversea training/working
    • Minimum 15 annual + 1 birthday leaves
    • Health insurance for employees and family
    • Lunch and parking allowances
    • Join in various team building and sport activities
    • 13th-month salary and annual bonus
    • Opportunities to work on-site in India, Germany, Japan
    • Other benefits will be discussed during the interview.

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