[Writeup] Vòng loại WhiteHat Grand Prix 2015: For200

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    Nguồn: ISITDTU (https://sugivo.wordpress.com/2015/10/28/whitehat-2015-global-challenge-phong-nha-ke-bang-forensic-200/)

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    Download file here
    The organizers of the contest give us a pcap file. We open it and see many TCP protocol, this is data of audio that the organizers want us to hear.
    So, we open Conversation of pcap file and select TCP tab , it only TCP transmissions .Then I dump it by follow Stream -> Save As file. The raw data have size 801 kb.
    The next step requires experience we drop file in audacity and the software has display error.
    Next step, we choose file -> import -> raw data
    Last but not least, we listen carrefully to get the flag
    Whitehat md5 of pcm underscore stream in and underscore and underscore twenty-fifteen all lowercase
    WhiteHat md5 pcm_stream__in_2015
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